Boudoir photoshoot with Kristara

Boudoir photoshoot with Kristara.

The photoshoot with Kristara was something special . We decided to try a few new ideas – to add to both Studio9 and Kristara’s portfolio. Not only on the day – but also with post production ,and with amazing results. We have a combination of lovely glamour /boudoir style pictures, something a bit more alternative and edgy and then the something new. I think you would agreed there is something special about the picture with the fantasy theme.

Fantasy glamour editing
Alternative glamour
Studio boudoir photography
Soft boudoir picture of Kristara
Studio boudoir portrait
Glamour head shot of Kristara
Classy boudoir photo in red

Boudoir photoshoot at Studio 9 Wellington. Photoshop editing by Barbara Hall and Paul Burden.

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