Modern glamour photography

Glamour photography re-invented.

Gone are the days of tacky glamour portraits featuring heavy makeup, feathers, and rhinestone studded jackets. Glamour photography is back and it’s sleek and modern. There are styles for every taste ranging from Boudoir (risqué photos in lingerie), to old Hollywood glamour shots, 1920’s themed sessions, to the classic portraiture. Who wouldn’t want to be treated like a model for a day and have a keepsake of themselves looking gorgeous? Whether you have changed your look or just want some beautiful professional photos of yourself here are a few tips to guide you through the preparation and glamour couture experience.

Selecting a photographer

Your in the right place. Packages start at $250 and can include makeovers, champagne, and nibbles for “girls glamour nights”. Next have a look at our online galleries and other resources like pinterest. Get a collection of photos you like and bring them along – we can create a set of beautiful images in the same theme as your ideas.

Just be yourself

Before your shoot do not try to alter yourself dramatically, just make sure you are the best version of you. For example, while fake tanners may seem like a good idea, they appear orange in photos. Also crash dieting will only result in a tired and cranky model. Do apply moisturizer and get enough sleep before the big day. Many photographers suggest wearing false eyelashes, while they may be obvious in person, in photos they can bring out your eyes and add drama. Treat yourself to some special clothing, a manicure and pedicure, as for most people this is a once in lifetime event. If you are worried about your tummy, as many women are, relax! Professional photographers are there to bring the best you to the forefront and they know how to work it!

Model glamour photo shoot by studio9 of Wellington.
Location glamour photography in Wellington.
Close-up glamour portraits at studio9.
Wellington glamour portraiture

Girls just want to have fun.

Try not to be nervous, you are in the hands of a professional. They are experienced at capturing the best angles and their job is to make you look fabulous. It may be tempting to try out complicated poses but just be natural and let the photographer guide you. Try to let your guard down a little and have fun, often this is when the best shots are taken. When you look at your photos you will want to see your genuine most attractive self having a great time!

Seize the day.

Whether you are doing this because it was a gift or for your partner, keep in mind this is ultimately for you. This is a special experience and will give you a keepsake to remember how beautiful you are and as a reminder you had the courage to work the camera model-style!

Glamour photography by studio 9

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