Beautiful lingerie portrait
Boudoir and lingerie portraits at studio9.
portraits with a photoshop themed difference
Lovely implied nude image on location

Getting ready for your Boudoir portraits

Beautiful boudoir image of Charmaine

As well as being a great experience for you, boudoir portraits are awesome surprises for your husband. Best gift ever!

Choosing the right studio and photography are very important ( I think you’re in the right place ☺ ), but there are also some things you can do to get the very best boudoir and portrait pictures.

Tips for the Perfect Boudoir Photo Shoot

1) Relax, easier said than done, but rest assured studio9 will make you look your very best, you just need to enjoy the experience. However if your nerves really get the best of you, then bring a girl friend. They can relax in the consult room or in the studio.

2) Get there early. Nothing is worse than stress or getting sweaty running to the studio, so give yourself plenty of time. Boudoir portraits are normally taken in the studio, but for location glamour shoots, we’ll arrange a time where the lighting is best for that location.

3) Wear loose clothing to the shoot. Tight straps or waistbands will leave marks on your skin, getting to the studio early gives time for these lines to fade.

4) Eat smart, and drink lots of water leading up to your photo shoot. Eating the right foods and drinking lots of water will make you feel and look better.

5) Bring lots of outfit options to the shoot, At least three. We can coordinate the backgrounds, poses and mood of the shots.

Studio boudoir portrait
Boudoir and lingerie photos at studio9.

6) Have the full make-over experience at the studio or do your own but make sure you arrive in a button-down shirt so you don’t mess up your gorgeous hair.

7) Find images and poses you like and bring them to your boudoir portrait session, the more we know about what you want the closer we will get. We’ll add our own spin to make sure the poses are the most flattering for you and your body type.

Boudoir portraits from Studio 9, Wellington, New Zealand.