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Great portraits and glamour photography is for everyone, I guarantee you will look and feel great. The makeover experience is all about you, after a professional make-up session we start the photo shoot. Making you look your very best is all about the right lighting, the right pose and just having fun!

Angela’s makeover photoshoot

This is where you can get an idea of how the studio makeover works. All “before” pictures are just “as you are” when you come in the studio. From here it’s our job to make you feel great and look beautiful and we know how to make you look your best.

Angela before the makeover portrait experience.
Angela's portrait makeover photo shoot.

Portrait makeover with Kath

Kath before the photography makeover experience.
The makeover photography experience with Kath at Studio9 of Wellington.

Katherine’s makeover photography

If you walk away from the studio after having fun, that’s half our job done. The other half is when you come back to look at your pictures and we hear “Wow I look great”

Katherine before the makeover photo shoot.
Testimonial and customer recommendation from Kathryn.
Makeover, Wellington portrait photography.

Makeover glamour photography with Liz

Liz before the makeover photography session.
The makeover photo experience with Liz at Studio9 of Wellington.

Glamour photography with Connie

Connie arrived at the studio with make-up, but needing a little help with posing, to finish the look. A great photoshoot for a lovely lady at 74 years of age, a new record for our glamour portraits 🙂

Connie before the makeover portrait session.
Connie's portrait makeover photos.
Connie's photography makeover portraits.
Lisa before the makeover photo shoot experience.
Lisa enjoying the portrait makeover experience.

Studio9 portrait makeover photography

Experience a full portrait makeover, have a great time and walk away with some amazing photographs. Look and feel fabulous with studio9 of Wellington.

Makeover experience. Wellington portrait photography.