Boudoir Photography.

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New for 2013 girls glamour parties

What we do.

Boudoir photography covers a range of styles and types of images, generally boudoir photography is more suggestive than explicit and we normally take our pictures with lingerie and flowing material. Our photos are normally done in the studio, however we have also done a number of boudoir photo shoots in boutique or plush hotels rooms to add a different and personal feel to your images.

More than anything we beleive boudoir photography is about personal choice and we discuss all the option and go through samples pictures with you before we start the shoot.

If you would like the full make-over experience for glamour or boudoir experience let us know and we can arrange for make up professionals.

The Studio.

We are located in a small and intimate photographic studio perfect for your glamour or boudoir experience.

Beautiful closeup boudoir portrait
Lovely implied nude image on location
Location glamour photos in Tawa.

Photography Styles and Options

* Bridal boudoir
* Modern couture portraiture
* Burlesque images
* Pin up fun photography

* Vintage glamour
* Tasteful lingerie
* Make over photo sessions
* Beautiful glamour photos

A complete boudoir photography experience created for you. Beautiful lingerie and awesome glamour images tastefully created by studio 9 in Wellington.