Modelling Portfolios

If you’re aspiring to be a professional model, you’ll need to compile a modelling portfolio to show your talent and your skills as a model.

Your portfolio is your ticket to interviews and job offers and Studio9 will help you get a great portfolio together to impress a New Zealand modelling agency.

Creating your own Portfolio

Great photographs are essential for beginning a career as a model. Check out photographers who specialise in model portfolios. Professional photography can be expensive so do your research and pick one that takes awesome pictures, this will prove the best value for money in the long run.

Bring several outfits to the shoot. Agents want to get a sense of what you actually look like and how well you photograph. If this is your first shoot you will need a variety of head shots, full body shots in various poses and settings.

A modeling portfolio is a book displaying your best work. It’s a great idea to choose a book with plastic sleeves or replaceable pages so that you can add new pictures as your career moves forward. If you’re not certain about a picture, leave it out. It’s better to have a few great photos instead of dozens of mediocre ones. You can also include a one pager with a headshot and your vital statistics: name, height, weight, age, hair colour etc for quick reference by the agencies.

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