Portraits with Angie at Wellington photography studio

Lingerie and themed photo shoot at Wellington photography studio

Angie arrived at the studio with a couple of interesting outfits and a lot of excitment about the photo shoot. We had a quick chat about the portraits she was looking for and the choices for different pictures. We settled on a few classic boudoir shots with dark lingerie and then some photoshop manipulations.

When it came to editing the pictures, we created one victorian themed glamour shot and one fantasy glamour image that really went with the unique feel of the photos.

Lingerie portraits at Wellington photography studio
Black and white boudoir portrait
Young glamour portraits
portraits with a photoshop themed difference
Wellington studio9 portrait photography.
Lingerie photography
Glamour portraits with Angie
Victorian themed portrait

Victorian themed glamour and fantasy glamour images that go with the unique character of Angie. Portraits with Angie at Wellington photography studio.

Photography at Studio9 in Tawa with thanks to Barbara for some great photoshop work.


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